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VKN PRO LIGHT KIDS Jiu Jitsu Gi (Black/Lilac)

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Size: M0
Color: Black

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Our VKN PRO LIGHT KIDS Jiu Jitsu Gi in Black with Lilac Patches makes your child look and perform like a pro on the mat! Ideal for warm conditions, this children's BJJ gi is a high quality design optimized for comfort and durability.

  • Pearl weave gi w/ twill pants
  • Pre-shrunk 100% Brazilian cotton fabric
  • EVA foam collar
  • High-definition patches

Convenient true fit sizing? Yes, thanks to pre-shrunk 100% Brazilian cotton fabric. Sturdy pearl weave design? Of course, it's built to hold up under heavy use and competition conditions. The collar and lapel are made with strong, simple to clean EVA foam. Hi-def patches add colorful pop.

VKN PRO LIGHT KIDS Jiu Jitsu Gi (Black/Lilac) design is IBJJF and NABJJF approved. Also available in Lilac/Lilac, Royal Blue/Lilac, Navy Blue, Black, Royal Blue, White/Lilac, White/Pink and White colors. This product is designed and manufactured in Brazil.

*Belts arenot included.

Size Chart

Height | Weight LBS | Size | Age

2'0"-2'8" | 20 - 35 | M-00 | 2yrs-4yrs
2'4"-3'4" | 25 - 50 | M-0 | 3yrs-5yrs
3'2"-4'0" | 40 - 70 | M-1 | 5yrs-7yrs
4'0"-4'6" | 60 - 85 | M-2 | 7yrs-9yrs
4'4"-5'0" | 75 -100 | M-3 | 9yrs-12yrs

* This size chart is made to help find the right size of gi for each child. However, the variables of each child's size and proportions, such as weight, height, build, arm length, leg length and other measurements will influence the gi size your child will need. Please understand that these estimates are not to be used as exact guidelines, but more of an average reference guide.

Vulkan kimonos weight ( approx ) by size:

M0 = 1.6 lbs
M1 = 1.8 lbs
M2 = 2.2 lbs
M3 = 2.4 lbs