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50/50 Killer DVD by Osvaldo

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The 50/50 position blasted on to the BJJ competition scene in 2009 when Gui Mendes faced Samuel Braga in the finals of the world championship. It took many years for the top athletes to figure out how to best utilize the position and how to avoid it becoming simply a holding position. Few are as qualified as Osvaldo "Queixinho" Moizinho to show how to quickly and effectively use the position to sweep, pass, resubmit your opponent.


1. Intro

Getting to the 50/50

2. From Spider Guard

3. From Leg Drag Defense

4. From Torreando

5. From Deep Half

6. From X Guard


7. Sweep with Lapel

8. Spin Under

9. Foot on Biceps

10. Back Take


11. Stacking Pass

12. Foot on Biceps Leg Drag

13. Knee Slip Leg Drag


14. Double Pull Toe Hold

15. Kneebar

16. Kneebar from Bottom

17. Toe Hold from the Top

18. Forearm Straight Ankle Lock

19. Gable Grip Footlock

20. Armlock

21. Outro

Languages: English, Japanese