Best Fights of the 2008 Jiu-jitsu World Championships 3 DVD Set
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This 3 DVD Set is packed full of the best fights from the 2008 Worlds.
Includes the following competitors:

Xande Ribeiro
Roger Gracie
Leonardo Leite
Kron Gracie
Antonio Braga Neto
Rafael Lovato, Jr.
Alexandre Souza
Andre Galvao
Braulio Estima
Sergio Moraes
Bill Cooper
Celso Vinicius
Lucas Lepri
Rubens Charles
Bruno Frazzato
Samuel Braga
Dai Yoshioka
Caio Terra
Yusuke Honma
And many more!

**The finals matches are not included in this set. The finals are available on the FINALS DVD.

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Languages: English
Length: 9+ hours on 3 DVDs
Release date: 2009-02-01
Other info: All region DVD