High Percentage Side Control Attacks DVD with Helio Soneca & Amal Easton

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In this DVD, Soneca and Amal show the details of some fairly basic, yet highly effective attacks from side control. Sonecas techniques form a nice chain from a single basic position. Amals techniques also chain together very nicely. All of these positions work with or without the gi.

At the end of this DVD, I have included a review all section, which has a single take of each technique at full speed, to allow for a quick review and rapid learning.

Part 1: Soneca's side control attacks. (From Sonecas Side Control Crush Position)

1. Soneca shows his side control crush position, that makes your opponent want you to go to mount, or anywhere else, to relieve the pressure, From experience let me tell you, the side control crush if done correctly, is miserable. Soneca, who weighs 145, feels like he weighs 300 pounds when he does this. His shoulder feels like a concrete truck on my neck during this move. From here, Soneca shows how to transition to the mount, without giving your opponent any space to counter, crushing him the entire time.

2. From the basic side control crush position, he shows how to get the americana, with his own little trick for starting the arm to move into the americana.

3. He now shows a second option from this position, going for the far side armbar. Basic technique, but Soneca shows some nice detail on freeing and securing the arm, and a way to maintain position to prevent the rollover armbar defense.

4. Now, if you cannot open the arm for 2 or 3, Soneca shows you a tricky and cool way to get the straight arm bar on the same side that you are pinning from.

5. Should the above fail to work for you, Soneca now gives you a triangle attack to finish your opponent.

Part 2: Amal's Side control attacks. (From the Kimura Pin Position)

6. Circling Kimura Attack (Not the basic cross body kimura attack). Amal shows how to circle to secure the Kimura pin position, then the details on how to finish with a Kimura in an effective and safe manner. He shows how to counter the belly roll also.

7. From the same Kimura pin position, Amal shows how to get the straight arm lock, if the Kimura fails.

8. From the same Kimura pin position, Amal shows how to do an effective neck scissor choke, when the Kimura and arm bar are not working.

9. Amal now shows how to return to the Kimura if the leg scissors fail.

10. Amal now shows how to beat the most common defense to securing the Kimura pin position. (Side to side attacking)

11. Amal now shows how to surprise your opponent by taking the mount with a reverse direction spin. (Cool move!)

12. Review All Rapid Learning Sequence.