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Lapel Guard Killer DVD by Osvaldo

SKU: 90006

  • $39.95

The most innovative guard work in recent years has involved using the opponents lapels against him. Wrapping his lapel around his back or between his legs allows for many creative sweeps and submissions. In his 3rd instructional, world champion Osvaldo "Queixinho" Moizinho is here to show you how best to utilized the lapel for both offense and defense.

Chapters include:

  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Lapel DRL to the Back
  • 3 Closed Guard Lapel Armlock
  • 4 Half Guard Lapel Choke
  • 5 Half Guard Lapel Sweep
  • 6 DLR Lapelaplata Sweep
  • 7 DLR Lapelaplata Sweep to the Back
  • 8 DLR Lapelaplata Kneebar
  • 9 Waiter Sweep With Lapel
  • 10 Reverse Lapelaplata Quexinho Sweep
  • 11 Reverse Lapelaplata to the Back
  • 12 Lapel Guard Tips
  • 13 Worm Guard Pass
  • 14 Reverse De La Worm Guard Pass
  • 15 Outro

Languages: English or Japanese

Expected release date: 10/1/2016

Languages: English, Japanese