The Berimbolo Killer DVD by Osvaldo Queixinho Moizinho

There are few techniques that have left as much of a mark on the BJJ world as the berimbolo. This unique sweep skewed the playing field towards the guard. Almost like a secret weapon, those that knew the intricacies of the berimbolo almost always had an upper hand on those that didn't. 

Against a guy with a strong berimbolo, few risked trying to pass. Thankfully, one man has put in the long hours on the mats, figuring out competition effective strategies and techniques for those who want to be able to confidently pass the guard of a berimbolo player.

Osvaldo "Queixinho" Moizinho has faced some of the best berimbolo athletes in Jiu-Jitsu and in this instructional he shares his best ways of defeating the sweep.

Chapters include:

  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Staying Safe
  • 3 Staying Safe with DDLR
  • 4 Outside Knee Slice
  • 5 Outside Knee Slice 2
  • 6 Underhook Smash Pass
  • 7 Duck Under Leg Drag
  • 8 Leg Drag
  • 9 Hurdler Pass
  • 10 Re-Berimbolo
  • 11 Counter with Ezekiel
  • 12 Stomach Stomp
  • 13 The Turnback
  • 14 Counter to 50/50
  • 15 Toe Hold Mistake
  • 16 Kneebar
  • 17 Standing Re-Berimbolo
  • 18 Outro

Languages: English & Japanese