White to Blue Belt Curriculum DVD with Joao Crus #11958
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In this DVD, Soneca shows 77 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu techniques including take downs, strikes, joint locks, chokes, and self defense techniques. Everything you need to know to advance to blue belt under Helio Soneca is on this DVD.

Techniques taught:

1. Front Fall
2. Front Rolling Fall
3. Back Roll
4. Back break Fall
5. Side break Fall
6. Bridge
7. Shrimp
8. Hip in
9. Getting up in Base
10. Basic Stance
11. Grips
12. Osoto Gari
13. Tani Otoshi
14. Hip Throw Ogoshi
15. Double Leg
16. Front Choke Escape
17. Lapel Grab Escape to
18. Wrist Lock from Grip
19. Wrist Grip Escape (2 on 1)
20. Front Bear Hug Over Arms
21. Front Bear Hug Over Arms (V2)
22. Close The Gap - Double Leg
23. Close the Gap - Ogoshi
24. Advancing Attacker to Double Leg
25. Rear choke defense - Forward Throw
26. Rear Choke defence - Osoto Gari
27. Rear Bear Hug to Sukui Nage
28. Escape rear Bear Hug to Standing
29. Escape rear Bear Hug to Knee Bar
30. Hair Grab Def
31. Head Lock Escape to Choke
32. Head Lock Escape to Rear Sweep
33. Guillotine def. - North South
34. Guillotine def. to Pick Up
35. Mount def. - Umpa
36. Umpa Variation 2
37. Elbow Escape
38. Umpa Elbow Combination
39. Mount Lift Escape
40. Headlock Leg over Escape
41. Headlock Lock the leg
42. Headlock to all Fours
43. Side Control Escape to Back
44. Side Control Escape Guard to Back
45. Side Control Escape to double Leg
46. Pass Guard to side control
47. Passing Guard Standing Knee Push
48. Arm Bar from Side Control (Hand near side)
49. Arm bar from side control (Variation 2) Farside
50. Side control choke opp. hands Clasped
51. Side control to mount switch base
52. Mount maintenance
53. Mount front choke (V1)
54. Mount front choke (V2)
55. Mount arm crank
56. Mount Arm bar
57. Take the Back from the Mount
58. Mount, opp. Rolls, choke
59. Double leg defense sprawl to choke
60. Double leg defense sprawl to armbar
61. Closed Guard - choke
62. Closed Guard - Scissor sweep
63. Closed Guard - Leg Up
64. Closed Guard - Elevator Sweep
65. Closed Guard - Fan Sweep
66. Closed Guard - Kimora
67. Closed Guard Pendulum Sweep
68. Closed Guard to Arm Bar
69. Closed guard to Triangle
70. Closed Guard to Back Arm Bar
71. Closed Guard opp. Stands - Tripod Sweep
72. Closed Guard opp. Stands - Rear Sweep
73. Closed Guardopp. Stands - Front Sweep
74. Hip position Guard
75. Hip Guard Replacement
76. Knee on belly arm bar
77. Knee on belly choke

Helio "Soneca" Moreira started practicing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at the age of 8 with Black Belt master Cirilo Azevedo. Having fallen in love with this Martial Art at the age of 9, he was already a Brazilian Champion. At the age of 13, Helio moved to Rio De Janeiro and started to practice with the Gracie Club, now known as Barra Gracie, taught by the Machado Brothers, Ze Henrique Leao Teixeira and Renzo Gracie. Soneca, as he is known in the Martial Arts world, chose Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu as his career totally dedicating himself to it. At the age of 22, he received from Master Carlos Gracie Jr., the Black Belt he had been dreaming of; a prestige that few people had at that time.

Soneca is currently a 4th degree black belt and known as one of the best fighters and Masters in the world. He is also one of the founders of Gracie Barra, currently the best Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu school in the world. Soneca is famous for his amazing competition victories which include Brazilian, Pan-American, International, and World Championships. He has also won several NHB championships. Here are just a few of Soneca's Championships:

-1995 Pan-American Championship - California
-1996 World Championship - Brazil
-1997 Brazilian Championship - Brazil
-1999 International Championship - Brazil
-2001 MAGA - North American Grappling Association Champion - Miami
-2003 COMBATE EXTREMO (NHB) - Mexico