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Name: Arianna Hernandez
Division: Elite
Category: Jiu-Jitsu
Nationality: Brazilian
Belt: Black
Instagram: @name


Amilcar 'Mica' Cipili was born in Rio Grande do Sul, Southern part of Brazil. He moved to São Paulo at the age of 12. While growing up, he began his training in the martial arts such as: Capoeira, Boxing, Kung Fu, and Judo. Later in life, after he watched a Vale-Tudo show in São Paulo (Jiu-Jitsu vs. Luta Livre), he made a decision to learn jiu-jitsu. He understood the reality of fighting and what really worked. Amilcar started training in Brazil, then, he moved to Utah, under Pedro Sauer, where he progressed to the level of purple belt. In California, Micatrained with the Machado brothers, Rigan and Roger. Mica earned his Black belt from Rigan Machado. Mica has trained with great names in jiu-jitsu of today. Professor Cipili has been recognized for the outstanding level of his techniques. He moved to Las Vegas in 2001, and today is the head instructor of and owner Team Mica in Las Vegas where they have over 10 academies. Under the influence of great masters of jiu-jitsu, Mica learned and achieved a higher level of technique and teaching skills. As a competitor, Mica competed in almost all tournaments that took place in Brazil and USA. Thus, he obtained titles in almost all competitions. He started to compete in 1995, and still does today.