The Capizzi Lock : Submission Geometry is a revolutionary new system from Joseph Capizzi, 2nd degree Black Belt under Renzo Gracie and the creator of Mastering the Guillotine series. Stemming off traditional positions, this innovation system will allow you to intercept and attack from within the most common positions in submission grappling such as: the smash pass, crucifix position, kimura trap, berimbolo, arm bar traps and many more. Also featured are several chapters of in depth discussions on the kimura, crucifix and cross body positions. These components will serve students of all skill levels.

"I'm stoked for this one. At the submit the stigma seminar Joe Capizzi pulled me aside and proceeded to blow my mind demonstrating his new arsenal of submissions. In the process he left all my limbs sore for days from basic demonstrations. Another great product from the Digitsu team." 
- Gianni Grippo

Techniques Included:

  1. Origins of the Submission Geometry.
  2. Capizzi Lock : Arms to Arm from the Cross Body Kimura Position.
  3. Capizzi Lock : Arms to Arm from the Crucifix Position.
  4. Capizzi Lock : Legs to Arm from the Crucifix Position.
  5. Capizzi Lock : Legs to Leg Countering the Smash Pass Position.
  6. Capizzi Lock : Legs to Leg Defense and how to recycle the Attack
  7. Capizzi Lock : Legs to Leg Defense and how to Guillotine the Ankle
  8. Capizzi Lock : Legs to Leg Attacking the Berimbolo and Back Escapes
  9. How to Control and Fit in the Crucifix Position.
  10. One Handed Choke from the Crucifix Position.
  11. Triangle from the Crucifix Position.
  12. Cow Hand Wrist Lock from the Crucifix Position.
  13. Top Side Omoplata from the Crucifix Position.
  14. Cross Body Crush : Compression Submission.
  15. A-B-C of the Cross Body Position : Attack - Block - Circle
  16. Kimura Physics and Counter Submissions from the Top Half Guard
  17. Rolling Kimura “Rafa Roll” to the Shoulder Hub Position
  18. Rolling Kimura Control Concepts and Timelines of Attack.
  19. The MilaMura : The Aaron Milam Kimura
  20. Kimura Escape and Recovery : Yin Yang Drill.
  21. Recovering Back Position : Stealing the Escape