ULTRA Light NEO Jiu Jitsu Gi (White)

Size: A00
Color: White

ULTRA Light NEO White is made of Honeycomb Weave Fabric, providing lightness, softness, and faster drying. The Ultra Light model is even lighter than the Pro light line, with a breathable fabric which improves the comfort specially on the hot summer days. It is the best option if you are close of being over the weight limit of your division at tournaments, as well as an great option of a travelling gi to be in your luggage!

  • Super Lightweight Honeycomb Jacket / Twill Pants
  • EVA Foam Collar
  • 100% Pre-Shrunk
  • 100% Premium Brazilian Cotton
  • Made in Brazil
  • Competition Approved

 The EVA foam collar/lapel is resistant to microbial contaminants, odors and stains; making the lapel comfortable and safe with a great feel, without being abrasive or constricting. Suitable for all skill levels, in competition or in the gym.

*Belts are not included. 

Size Chart

Height | Weight LBS | Size

5'2"-5'5" | 110-155 | A-0

5'5"-5'8" | 150-180 | A-1

5'8"-6'1" | 175-210 | A-2

6'1"-6'4" | 200-230 | A-3

6'4"-6'6" | 230-260 | A-4

6'6"-6'9" | 260-290 | A-5

Vulkan kimonos weight ( aprox ) by size:

A0 = 2.6 lbs

A1 = 2.8 lbs

A2 = 3.0 lbs

A3 = 3.4 lbs

A4 = 3.8 lbs

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Jefferson Carcasona
Great product! Fantastic customer service!!

Matt was very helpful with our needs for an ultra light gi to make weight. Took us through some options and gave us all the time to explain the difference of gis.
Would highly recommend this store and the products available 👍👍

Christopher White
Spot on!

When I got this Gi I wasn’t sure what to expect. When I put it on it was a completely different story. Very high quality Gi with very good stitch work. I love the lightweight material! Seems like it will be very durable and comfortable. I am between an A1 and A2 so I went with A2. It’s a little big, but I hope it will shrink as I wash it.

David Dieal
Great Gi!

Purchased this Gi specifically for the summer time. Super light and comfortable. I love it.

Ricardo Dias
I can't get ULTRA Lights enough!

They're my absolute favorite gi. They're incredibly comfortable and fit me perfectly. I already have over six of them, and I'll definitely be adding more to my collection. Keep up the fantastic work, VULKAN!

Ultra light Gi

Great looking gi. Perfect fit A2 (I am 85kg and 1.75m). Gi is light and will be perfect for training and competition.
Shipping was quick and efficient.