FLAG SERIES USA Special Edition GI Red

Color: Red
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Flag Series Brazil and USA

  • Flags on Patches
  • Special golden Sewing
  • Flag Colors on Stiching

Size Chart

Height | Weight LBS | Size | Age
2'0"-2'8" | 20 - 35 | M-00 | 2yrs-4yrs
2'4"-3'4" | 25 - 50 | M-0 | 3yrs-5yrs
3'2"-4'0" | 40 - 70 | M-1 | 5yrs-7yrs
4'0"-4'6" | 60 - 85 | M-2 | 7yrs-9yrs
4'4"-5'0" | 75 -100 | M-3 | 9yrs-12yrs

Vulkan Gis are made of Honey Comb Weaved Fabric and Rubber Lapel providing lightness, quality and faster drying. Super light! Vulkan Gis are the lightest Gi in the market today. Great Gi for everyday training and especially for those hot summer days!

VULKAN GIS ARE 100% PRE-SHRUNK so there are no worries about shrinkage.

Original BJJ Gi , Made In Brazil.

Competition Approved.

*Belts are NOT included

This size chart is made to help find the right size of Gi for each child. However, the variables of each child's size and proportions, such as weight, height, build, arm length, leg length and other measurements will influence the Gi size your child will need.