How to improve your BJJ away from the mat

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu will test you at your weakest points. It’s not just a combat sport or hobby; it’s a passion and a lifelong journey of learning. So, during this time away from the mats, continue to learn, using your time and energy effectively so you can seriously upgrade your Jiu Jitsu skills when you return. Here are some ideas to get you started...
Physical conditioning - Perform solo drills like hip escapes, bridges, sprawls and Hindu pushups that can condition specific muscles you need in bjj. Also running short sprints, using medicine balls, kettlebell and weights for strength training, and yoga for breathwork, flexibility and balance. 
Study instructional and competition footage - Learning from the best BJJ teachers has never been easier with videos on gym membership sites, apps, YouTube, and streaming services. Focus on a specific position or technique to see how the best competitors get it done!
Finally, set goals and a game plan - List various techniques, honestly rating your strengths and weaknesses. Then write down specific short and long-term goals.  Make a game plan for each position (rear mount, side control, etc.) listing your best techniques for when you're on top and again for when you're on the bottom. 


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