Easy Hairstyles To Keep Long Hair Out Of Your Face When Training

One of the most annoying things if you have long hair is having it cover your face or getting it ripped out during training. Even worse if you are at a competition and you get a mouthful of your opponent's hair! You have probably seen the full gamut of hairstyles at competitions but if you are new to the long hair game, here are some easy hairstyles that can keep your hair out of the way. Keyword: easy. They won't be immaculate in keeping the hair away as only the more complicated hairstyles like corn rows can do that job. Nonetheless, these styles will be sure to do the trick:

1. Top knot / bun: This is the most basic and simple hairstyle for long locks. If your hair is long enough that it can be pulled up into a ponytail or a bun, you should pull all the hair away from your neck and as high as possible to keep the high on top. A low bun can get in the way when you are laying down or your opponent tries to grab your neck. A high bun will be sure to keep your hair up and out of the way. 

2. Braided ponytail: If your hair is long enough, braid the body of your hair once you put it in a ponytail. This will keep the hair together so your strands are not flying everywhere. It will also help prevent single strands from being accidentally pulled out. You might have noticed that many of the top female competitors use this style as well. 

3. Double french braids / pigtails: If you have braiding skills or have the time to learn, double braids (aka Pippi Longstocking pigtails) can be very useful. The full braiding of the hair keeps all of it in place and even after intense rolling, the hair remains intact. This hairstyle is often seen with no-gi competitors. One drawback in the gi is that a braid could get in the way when your opponent grabs your collar. In no-gi, your opponent will never need to pull your clothing away from you (as it is illegal to grab clothing) so the pigtails remain safe to use.

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