Premium Customized Gi Patches

Size: Up to 4.5"
Sewing Option: Sewn

Customize your ADULT or KIDS gis with unique artwork patches in any shape you desire, whether it be square, rectangular, circular, or a custom shape of your choice. If you want your patches to be sewn onto your gi, simply select the option with an additional cost.

Follow these easy instructions to get started:

  1. After purchasing, send your artwork file in an editable vector format to design@vulkanstore.com.

  2. In your email, specify where you would like your patches to be placed (e.g. "Patch 4" on placement B (right shoulder)").

  3. Ensure that your artwork is in an editable format to avoid any delays.

  4. We'll review your order within 24 hours and contact you to approve it for production or suggest any necessary changes.

  5. Once your artwork is approved, your custom gi patches will be shipped within 10 business days.

Customizing your gi with unique patches is a great way to showcase your passion and loyalty to your Jiu Jitsu school or to express your personal style. Stand out from the crowd with a one-of-a-kind gi that reflects your unique identity.