Is Your Gi Competition-Legal?

If you are competing or plan to compete, it is extremely important that you read the rules and requirements for the federation / organization you are competing with. There are different rules between organizations and the most basic of rules you should familiarize yourself with is the uniform requirement. The worst thing would be to get disqualified before you even get to step on the mats due to wearing an illegal uniform.

Some of the major ways in which tournament groups will differ in their uniform requirements are:

Color:Most organizations will clearly specify which colors are legal for competition. For example, IBJJF only allows the colors white, blue and black in their tournaments. However, JJWL allows white, gray, blue, black, pink, purple, and green. What one organization allows can differ greatly from another; so it is paramount that you read up on their rules so you can ensure your gi is competition-legal.

Patches / Design: Similar to color requirements, organizations can also dictate the placements of patches or the artistic design of the gi as being competition-legal or not. 

Material: Gis are made with different materials or weaving. For example, the lightest weight gis are often made with ripstop material but the majority are single weave, double weave, pearl weave, etc. It is important to read the uniform requirements because not all organizations will allow any material gi. IBJJF, for example, does not allow ripstop material for the age divisions Juvenile and up. 

Undergarments:Another important aspect of the uniform requirement are the permitted undergarments. Read up on the rules to understand if you are allowed to wear a rashguard or spats under your gi. They are usually permitted for women but not always for men. 

The strictest organization currently seems to be IBJJF. Luckily,Vulkan’s full line of gisare IBJJF approved with the exception that it is up to you to choose a legal color. Follow the links below for the most common competition organizations’ rules for your uniform:




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