Jiu Jitsu Gift For A Baby

If you or your training partner has a baby on the way or maybe already had one, you can dress up the baby in a gi! Sure, the baby can't train just yet but baby gis are sure to put a smile on the face of all jiu jitsu lovers eager to see the next generation follow in their footsteps. 

As babies are much smaller than kids, it is important you purchase a gi designed specifically for babies and not just the smallest kids' gi you can find. When purchasing a baby gi, the item description should specify it is for babies. Vulkan's Baby Gi (with blueor pinkdetailing) comes in four different sizes so you can dress up your baby or gift your friends or family's babies as young as two months old! 

Vulkan Baby Gis are made specially for your baby and are pre-washed with anti-allergic detergent. They are also super light so not to weigh down your little one. Lucky for you, Vulkan's Baby Gis are currently on sale so purchase yours before they sell out!

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