Common Embarassing Jiu Jitsu Experiences

The Reddit group r/bjj has plenty of stories to go around but here we compiled a few of the responses that share insight to some common experiences in jiu jitsu that may feel embarassing.

1. u/AndyTech99: "When you spar with somebody who's just started and they flop around all over the place and don't put up a fight.. but somehow, that makes them weirdly hard to submit and you question everything you know about BJJ"

We have all been there where a White Belt should be easy to submit but sometimes, knowing nothing at all helps them more than it helps us!

2. u/jwmoz: "Audibly farted into another guys face, like 1ft away, while my coach was standing next to us explaining something."

For most of us who have grappled for a long time, it is nearly impossible to avoid witnessing a fart or farting yourself! There is no reason to be embarassed as it is extremely common.

3. u/Pringo: "Just got back from my first bjj class.... ended up puking all over the floor... I left feeling really embarassed and still am."

Jiu Jitsu can be a really intensive cardio activity. For those who are not used to the movement and intensity, feeling sick and even throwing can be a completely normal reaction. No one should feel embarassed for needing to throw up after pushing too hard.

It is evident that whether you are a seasoned practitioner or completely new to jiu jitsu, there are some universal experiences that are common. It may feel intuitive to get embarassed but remember, chances are that you are not alone in your experience. So do not let your embarassment turn you away from jiu jitsu and keep training!

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September 01, 2022

if anyone trains BJJ long enough they will always reach a point at which they will fart in someone’s face, and then also, but hopefully not simultaneously, have someone else fart in their face, because karma 😅

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